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Geared towards the photographer, Radium Photo has built a reputation on being the the premier professional printing lab in West Michigan.  We are unique, however, since anyone is welcome to upload or bring their files in to get the same quality the professional photographers receive.

So whats the difference between a professional printing lab, and other places that print photos?  Well, its the quality of the product, the customer service, and the know how to get you what you want.  Pro labs like ours invest in the highest end professional equipment, and print on the best materials (since there are variances in the different photographic and fine art papers out there).  “You get what you pay for” is very true in the printing industry, so if you want beautiful archival prints, canvases, or other fine art products, we suggest printing with us.

We also thrive as a the areas leading school and sport photographer.  Working with 26+ schools for school pictures, 7+ high schools for sports, and 40+ youth sports leagues, we have the reputation of high quality with low pricing, and the ability to handle the biggest of shoots.  The fact that we handle the shooting, printing, packaging, and customer service, that allows us to control the quality from beginning to end; and the ability to keep pricing down.